Welcome to Strong in the City.  A place to share adventures in strength (in my case strongwoman training), style and everything in between.

As I started my fitness journey (because, let’s face it, it’s one hell of a journey at times) I struggled to find one place that brought together all my interests: fitness, fashion and maximising performance (at work as well as at play). It seemed like all of these things were treated as if mutually exclusive; you could be strong, but not stylish, stylish but not strong, a leader at work, but not in the gym, smart but not silly, a lover of deadlifts but not Dior. As I hunted out answers to all the questions that I had – how to increase my deadlift, develop a strong and competitive mindset, structure my nutrition and shop for Stella, I thought I would collate them all in one place (for my own benefit as much anything else) and thus Strong in the City was born.

So, welcome to SITC, a space for those who dare to be different, who won’t be pigeon holed, who want to be their best selves and live their greatest life (knowing that doesn’t mean that it isn’t already amazing – just that there is so much more to discover). For those who want to join an incredible community of like-minded, smart as hell and equally badass folks to share the journey with them.  Because, if I have learnt one thing from my journey to date, its that finding your tribe and throwing yourself into your own pursuit of excellence (whatever that means for you), unashamedly, unabashedly and authentically is one pretty awesome way of living.

Welcome to our world.

Anna xxx